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Hi, my name is Robin J............ Yes, I am the lady on the front page of the Warmbloods Today Magazine article, “Fearful to Fearless.”

Here is my story… I met the photographer, Jill Bailey that took the photos for this article the day before the photo shoot for The Colorado Therapy Horses. She said you ‘gotta go’ meet a “herd of horses in the field tomorrow.” I never met a horse in my life!

I was scared stiff, but intrigued about how ‘horses heal the human heart’ and willing to do anything because I was powerless and panicked with the upcoming Court trial where my 6’6”, emotional and physical abusive ex-husband will try to get totally and complete custody of my two little girls. He spent all our time together abusing me and convincing me that I was an irresponsible, psychologically crazy and inappropriate parent that should not have anything to do, parenting my daughters.

I met Richard and his staff of Trakehner horses in a field in Greeley, Colorado on a warm Saturday morning. I learned that these huge animals were loving and made my fear go away almost instantly. As I was coached and told that my ex-husband had been brainwashing me to believing that I was a Powerless lady and that all my reactions were coming from the fear that was deep inside me, and that he was using all of this abuse to control me. I learned that he was doing this because I left him and he was determined to WIN with no regard for me and the kids. It was his weakness and his own powerlessness and he needed to ‘strip’ my power to use as his own. All because I dumped him to get out of the marriage!

Well, in three short hours I was able to experience the miracle of this horse experience. I was able to risk being with such huge animals and learn that their unconditional love made all my fears go away. I experienced how I could manage and move a 1,200 pound horse with just a touch of my finger. I even was able to go into the stall of a 1,800 pound stallion, Mustafa, and control him. The biggest thing I learned, was that I am loveable and I deserved to get my

‘personal power’ back! After the shoot I came to Judy and Richard’s farm a couple times more, learning more about myself, overcoming my fears and getting my personal power back.

I went to court the end of June where I faced my ex-husband, his JAG attorney and the supportive kids appointed court appointed attorney that supported me losing my parenting altogether. Armed with just the confidence the horses had given me is showed up to represent myself, because I didn’t have the money I represented myself. I was nervous, but confident that I was a good person and gave it my best to convince the Judge that I was not crazy and a good parent that deserved to have my girls. I left the court knowing I did my best, but not thinking that it would go my way because, he had an attorney that tried to tear me down.

A Month Later I got the news… I WON! The Judge even said that I should be the custodial parent and that I should have the girls and he should only get the normal parenting time that any other father gets. Wow! All because of a horse in the field in Greeley, Colorado on a warm Saturday in May!

Miracles are real, God is good and I don’t ever have to give my ‘personal power’ away again!