About Us

History of Natural Humanship Training

In 1999, Fort Collins, I was doing psychotherapy with a 16 year old young lady who was demonstrating out of control behaviors that included drinking, using drugs, sexual acting out and trying to commit suicide by running her car off a mountain road.  It was discovered through therapy that she had been sexually abused by her two older brothers.  This ex-barrel racer and equine competitor since she was a small girl was into “power and control, motivated by fear”.  I got the bright idea of empowering this young lady by putting her in an English saddle (much less feeling of control than a Western saddle) and teaching her how to ride all over again.  It worked beyond my expectations.  She got her personal power back and finished high school and went to college and now is happily married with 2 kids.
Fast forward to 2005 when I was doing drug and alcohol therapy with Parole and Probation in Greeley I discovered that most all of the clients were ‘Wounded Humans’, suffering from the same problem of, “power and control, motivated by fear”.  I put together the Natural Humanship Training program to utilize this eunique therapy and to use it as a therapy modality with women and men on Parole and Probation, those struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Wounded Warriors and Cooperate employees with communication issues.  Humanship Training has been a yearly program that has been offered in my practice of “healing the human spirit”, offered to my clients free.  Its popularity is growing so fast that I can’t continue funding it out of my own pocket.

Our Business

We are counseling practice that was formed in 1988 with the express desire to work with adolescents who were ‘wounded humans’, struggling with drugs and alcohol and other life issues.  This transitioned to working with “adolescents in big bodies” which were adults on probation and parole.  Our goal is to try and use innovative therapies to reach the “human spirit” that causes a challenge to change.  The typical client has been so “therapized” the counselor’s office that they shut down and “blow off” the concept of change.  In 2012 we formed a 501c(3) non-profit corporation to enable us to better serve the community.  We went to Facebook to expose The Colorado Therapy Horses to the World which has had over 859,583 people ‘Like’ our page in a few short months.

Who We Are

Richard McMahon, MA, CRC, CACIII is the primary mover of this innovation.  He has spent a lifetime using his creativity to find new ways to accomplish the task at hand.  He was if business with his parents, coached and taught at the University of Northern Colorado.  He completed his graduate work in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Vocational Evaluation with an emphasis in Chemical Dependency Counseling.  He has owned a treatment center and been in the therapeutic community for 34 years as an educator, psychotherapist, certified addiction counselor and horseman.